Seussical – The Musical!
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Gee time flies. July has been and gone and I have finished playing the lead role of JoJo in Brisbane Arts Theatre’s production of Seussical the Musical. It was a great success for the theatre and a lot of fun and experience for me. My Nanna came to visit from Adelaide and to see the show. She will be 90 next year and I hope she can see more of me performing.   Seussical-Hat  
Oliver & Music Man
Nov 4, 2012 | admin | DIARY | 0
Oliver! at the Schonell Theatre, Brisbane was a great success. My second role as Oliver. Well Oliver!’s been and gone and now I am performing in Music Man at the Beenleigh Theatre Group. This is such a fun show with Lots of dance, singing, wonderful melodies and catchy lyrics.    
Busy Time
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January and February have turned out to be a busy time for me. I did some pick-ups for Beetle Feeders and filmed another short film “La Vie, L’Amour, La Mort”. In between all of this I played Mayor Munchkin in Harvest Rain’s production of Wizard of Oz – my first ever performance at Queensland Performing Arts Centre and auditioned for “Oliver!”. I will be playing Oliver Twist at the Schonell Theatre in June and I am in rehearsals for it now.

Mayor Munchkin

The Bulletin Interview
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“The Bulletin” today published an article about my role as Stuart Little. You can click on the article to read it:

Film Shoot
Nov 30, 2011 | admin | DIARY | 0
Well, I am now heavily into performances of Stuart Little (at the Brisbane Arts Theatre if you want to get there) and this week I have started filming “Beetle Feeders” playing the role of Alby. It is a really hectic schedule but I am just loving it. We are at Mt. Glorious at the moment shooting scenes for a few days.
New short film – “Beetle Feeders”
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I have just been offered the lead role of Alby in a new privately funded short film. “Alby, a sensitive young boy in the cusp of teenage hood. Alby is a loner, has a large inner world and a great imagination. After the loss of his mother, 13 year old Alby seeks refuge from his insensitive father in a world of erotic insect fantasies. One day while hunting in the forest for the elusive Blue Tiger butterfly, he discovers a dead body in a shallow grave. Enchanted with the corpse’s porcelain beauty, a tender encounter brings him closer to the truth.” This character is going to be a big challenge for me and I am really looking forward to it. This short film is designed to act as a calling card for a feature film so I am going to do my best to help make it successful so I get a chance at a feature film.
Harvest Rain
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Wow! – I just spent 5 days at a “Tripple Threat” (Acting, singing, dancing) workshop with Harvest Rain Theatre Company. It was an amazing week. I had lots of fun and enjoyed it very much. It taught me a lot about being a triple threat and how to go about becoming one. I loved all the classes in the workshops and it has made me want to go back next year for the weekly classes. Thank you: Harvest Rain
Stuart Little
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I have just won the lead role of Stuart Little in the musical playing at Brisbane Arts Theatre in November & December. I am so happy. Stuart Little is a musical about an American family who have a mouse for a son, they discover that size isn’t everything and Stuart will prove he is a mouse that can roar. It’s whimsical and fun and is aimed at young audiences over the school holidays. The season is 17 Nov. to 23 Dec. 2011 at The Brisbane Arts Theatre and is directed by Paje Battilana. Ticket prices are $16 to $20.
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Have just uploaded a video of me singing “Hallelujah” written by Leonard Cohen. This is a beautiful song made famous by the late Jeff Buckley, Bon Jovi and others. Some of the verses are probably not appropriate to a 12 year old so I have left these out, in case you are wondering why your favourite verses are not included.
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Friday 5 August 2011 Gold Coast Secondary Schools Drama Festival Our play is “Witches” by Roald Dahl & I’m playing the lead role of “Boy”